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PanelTo ensure your home or business's power needs are safely met, you can rely on the electrical experts at Stuart Services Electrical. From capacity upgrades to meet your greater electricity demands to installations and repairs on your panel board, Stuart Services Electrical have the experience and expertise to help.  We've been delighting our New Orleans, Northshore and Baton Rouge customers for over 55 years.  Read what some of them had to say about us here and about our commitment to the best in customer service here

1.  Panel Upgrades & New Installations

FastIf you have an older circuit breaker panel, it may be struggling to keep up with the demands placed on it by the many electrical appliances we have come to rely on in the 21st Century. Stuart Services Electrical can assess if your current panel is able to meet the demands placed on it and can recommend and expertly install the most suitable upgrade to ensure you're being provided with enough power to safely suit your electrical needs.

2.  Panel Repairs

If you are noticing power supply problems with your electrical appliances or lighting, one of our expert electricians can inspect your panel to quickly diagnose the issue and perform any necessary repairs or upgrades so you can enjoy a safe and reliable electrical supply. 

3.  Capacity Upgrades

PricingIf you've recently added to your electrical usage by remodelling or purchasing more electrical equipment, you need to consider if your panel's capacity has been breached. We can expertly assess your current supply and recommend and expertly install any capacity upgrades to ensure you have enough reliable power to match your new electricity demands.

4.  Rewiring

If you are suffering from an inconsistent, unreliable power supply it may be faulty wiring that is to blame. Stuart Services Electrical can perform a full assessment of all your wiring and perform any rewiring work required. This will ensure all wiring is safe and code-compliant, drastically reducing the risk of fire and electrocution.

5.  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

If you would like to completely minimize the risk of electrocution to your family, employees, customers and clients you should consider the benefits a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) provides. GFCI can automatically detect  any power irregularities which could cause electrocutions and automatically shut-down the system, keeping you, your family or employees and customers safe.

6.  Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Stuart Services Electrical can replace old fuse boxes with modern circuit breakers. This means you no longer have to go looking for a new fuse when an old one blows. Now all you need to do is flick a switch.

7.  Usage Monitors

A usage monitor is an ideal solution if you are looking for ways to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your utility bill. With a usage monitor installed you can precisely measure your current electrical usage, make changes to your electrical demands and then monitor the effect your efficiency improvements will have.

8.  Safety Inspections

If you are currently selling or purchasing a property, it is advisable to have an electrical safety inspection performed. Stuart Services Electrical can assess the electrics and wiring to determine if it meets all safety-codes and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. If not, we can provide any recommendations or repairs deemed necessary.

9.  Up-Front Pricing

You'll be provided with a full per-job price in advance to assist you in making a fully informed decision before giving us the go ahead to begin.

For all your switchboard panel or rewiring needs for your New Orleans, Northshore and Baton Rouge home or business, call and speak with the expert electricians at Stuart Services Electrical today.

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